What’s so special about the eclipse?

Image from NASAEclipse 2017 Emblem

Okay, so you’ve heard all about it—the moon is covering up the sun, special glasses are out at every store, and some of you might even be pausing school/work to see this sight.

So, what’s the big deal???

  1. If you’re into science, you’re all nerdy-excited for this rare occurrence. And living in Kansas City, in the path of the awesome, it’s doubly good.
  2. If you’re all about RARE or special things (holidays, events, phenomena), you’re stoked because this is a big one!
  3. And if neither of those impress you, how about this one…

It glorifies God.

What, an eclipse glorifies God? Have you lost it??

Yes, the Solar Eclipse 2017 glorifies God. (And maybe I’ve lost it, ha.) Think about it, millions of people watching and waiting for a scientific marvel that can’t be controlled by humans or gadgets or the latest technology (no matter how brilliant we humans think we are).

This Eclipse is happening, whether we want it to or not. The animals are about to get confused and think it’s evening and all kinds of interesting things happen.

And it brings (God’s) people together.

Around one big event.

That causes millions to look up at the sky to experience.

And most want in on the action.

Do you think there are times in the Bible like today?

Were there shepherds and wise kings trying to track down this special baby King Jesus?

Were there crowds that gathered around the Sea of Galilee to hear this wise teacher’s voice that radically changed people’s views of life?

Perhaps…no matter your reason, it’s pretty exciting to think that we can be united around one exciting thing that God sorta invented. Pretty fun.


Image result for bible verse about god creating the universe

Coming Up:

August 27: Sunday morning Worship at 9:00am (Sanctuary); BFG (Bible Fellowship Groups) from 10:15-11:15 (See ushers/pastors to find out where your BFG is)

YOUTH (7-12 grades) & PARENTS: Could we schedule a monthly Youth Group Night? Vote for your favorite option here: https://doodle.com/poll/tepxraprmhk7yih4   (Note: the Sunday days are lunch after church; others are for various activities. The Dec 29/30/31 is a lock-in option.)

Happy Eclipse Day!


One comment

  1. When there are major crowd-drawing events (sports, concerts, political rallies, etc.) I often ponder whether those attending would feel the same sense of excitement and urgency to “be there” if they were invited to attend a religious event of like importance. Sadly I doubt most would feel that same “electricity” — and sadder still I often ask myself if I would feel it either? My, what it must have been like to see and hear Jesus!


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