U-n-I TY plus a Great Weekend


Even though it’s a small word with only 5 letters, Unity has a BIG VOICE.


“U” ‘n “I”, Thank You

I like to look at this word as you and me working together. Unity can’t happen without you and I. When we work together, God’s World contains more hope, more love, more possibilities for understanding each other better. And, when we are unified, we realize how awesome God is–we feel THANKFUL to God for Creation and life! ITS ABOUT HOPE, too.

Even youth will faint and be weary, falling exhausted. BUT THISE WHO HOPE IN THE LORD will renew their strength. -Isaiah 40:30-31

THANK YOU to all of the kids and youth who were a part of Children’s Sabbath today!! They led the whole church in worshipping God through song, Scripture and prayer.

I am so thankful for a WONDERFUL weekend of Fall Festival and Children’s Sabbath.

This week….

  • Pray for children around the world who live in poverty, as well as families who have a hard time having hope.

  • Find creative ways to spread Unity and Hope this week. It might surprise you how fun this activity can be!

Youth (7-12th grades): Sunday, Oct 29–Pancakes + fun in Youth BFG; Surprise Fall field trip after BFG; wear warm clothes, return to church by 2:00pm.

All School-aged Kids and Youth: Faith and Fun: Wednesday, Nov 1, 5:30-7:30 pm. Dinner, caramel apple bar and activities on being THANKFUL.

Blessings for a great week!


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