Santa is coming! Oh, and Jesus!

Join us for Worship Sunday

  • 10:00 AM MorningFamily-friendly

  • 11:00 PM Evening Candlelight

I just love the movie Elf.

Will Farrell dresses in tights and is the most excited, silly “elf” in New York City. It is goofy and fun and pokes fun at no one.  = )

There’s something so magical & miraculous about Christmas season (Advent), when we anticipate celebrating Jesus’ birth and ALSO wait for Santa, reindeer and the whole enchilada tamale. 

Is it wrong to love Santa and gifts and all of the non-Jesus-y things about Christmas?

In short, NO. Here’s why:

  1. Santa reminds us of St. Nicholas, st nicholaswho was a really wealthy guy who sold all of his stuff and gave to the poor. He gave and gave and GAVE all he had, so others could live better and could feel the love of God through a person. Sound familiar? 
  2. Then there’s Jesus. This tiny baby born in a cave-like barn was a royal King, even though his earthly parents were very poor. Jesus gave all He had and shared all of His life so that each of us could know the love of God. Jesus was strong and brave and stood up to bullies. Jesus is Christ and is the best example of living love that we have.
  3. So, what about the other stuff, like this fun show??? ————–>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    1. Who doesn’t love lights!?? The lights mean different things to different people. For Jesus followers, they remind us of Jesus being “the light of the world,” found in John 8:12. Also, Jesus said WE should be light to others in Matthew 5:14-16.
    2. When I see Christmas lights, I think about HOPE. Life is so tough sometimes and, when all of those little lights shine together, they cut through the darkness. The lights shine bright and give us hope for today and hope for the future. 
  4. In case you haven’t noticed, I think all of this stuff can still point to Jesus! Hey, God invented people who invented Christmas cookies. Thanks, God! Look for God’s love in every little and big thing…Christ’s presence is everywhere.

So, while we each have different traditions, we can remember that Jesus is the ultimate gift to receive and to share during Christmastime. And Santa and Rudolph are pretty fun to sing about at the top of our lungs, while drinking hot chocolate, obviously. And presents are so fun to give (and get)! When you see Christmas lights this week, thank your God for this light of hope. And figure out how you can be light to your neighborhood and our community. 

How to be a light this Christmas season (or any time):

  • Check on your neighbors–bring them cookies or a little ornament or a smile. Go with an adult buddy.
  • Look into volunteering at places like Harvesters, Restore/Habitat for Humanity, etc., using my favorite site: . They even have special volunteer projects for kids and adults with limited mobility!
  • Email me! I always have a project to do around the church for our neighborhood (30 minute projects to 3-day projects).  Email: Laurel . cluthe @ holmeswood .org
  • Find moments of joy each hour of each day. We really have so much to be thankful for, including the breath you just inhaled right…now. It’s a gift!

See you on Christmas Eve!!

*Towards the end of 10AM Worship, I’ll ask kids and youth to come forward and help tell the Christmas story with costumes! All are welcome. See you soon!

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