1. Why does God let bad things happen?

Disclaimer: For the next 8 weeks (Weeks of April 11–May 27), I’m going to throw out a tough faith question. We will unpack it a bit, and I hope we can all *simmer* on it throughout the week and find moments to talk with God, ourselves and each other about the topic. Special thanks to Sparkhouse’s reform curriculum for guidance. Ready? Go!

Why does God let bad things happen?bad-things-700px

  • Or…Does God let bad things happen?
  • Or…Does God cause bad things to happen to “good” and “bad” people?

So many questions! Let’s break this down a bit…

Theodicy (thee-AWE-dih-see)

Theodicy–a big word that semi-smart Godly people (theologians) use to try to figure out If God is all-good and all-pppowerful, why is the world full of pain and evil?

5 things:

  1. How has someone you know experienced bad things? How about you? How does that feel?
  2. Think about these quotes:
    1. “God chooses to give up some divine power in order to give humans freedom, the freedom to make our own choices.” Do you agree or disagree with this? Explain your thoughts.
    2. “What truly matters most for us is how we respond to bad things that happen. We can let God work in us and let God’s love flow out of us to others in need or in pain–even people who have hurt us.” What do you think about this quote? Is this true or even possible for you to do? How?
  3. Bible Time:bible
    1. Read 2nd Corinthians 12:7b-10. What is Paul trying to say here? Is it possible for you to accept it when bad things happen, because you know God’s grace keeps you strong? 
    2. Read Romans 8:28. Can any good come out of tragedy? Is it possible to have perspective and hope in the midst of tragic times? How do you personally do that?
  4. Grab some paper and a pencil/pen:
    1. Write down some words or pictures that describe what hope looks like. 
    2. On the other side of the sheet of paper, draw what chaos looks like. Think about the worst thing that has ever happened to you, and include that in the chaos-485502_960_720drawing. (It’s okay to feel the pain, the ick, the awful of that experience. Thisis part of healing, and we all need it.)
    3. Now turn over the sheet and think about hope. How do chaos and hope relateto each other? Post this somewhere where you can be reminded of chaos and Christ-promised hope of Romans 8:28 throughout this week.
  5. Ponder:
    1. Have you ever blamed God for something bad that happened? Do you still HHTR-Hope-1080x675blame God for that?
    2. What are some reasons bad things happen?
    3. What would the world be life if God took control of everything?
    4. How can we share God’s love when bad things happen?

Lots to think about–I’d love to hear your thoughts! Reply to this post or let’s talk in person or via email.

REMINDER: All-Church Retreat is THIS SATURDAY! (Yippee!!!!) And don’t forget to sign up for VBS!

Happy Wednesday!



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  1. Laurel,

    I’m so impressed that you’re willing to talk about hard things with kids. These are great questions and I know some adults you could be helped by this.

    Thanks for doing great things!

    Juanita Springate

    Essentials for Greatness Coach

    Consultant, Coach, Trainer

    E-mail: jesgate@kc.rr.com

    Phone: 816-809-4752

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