Skyler’s Blog Takeover

Skyler (the intern) and George (the plant)

Disclaimer: Hello, I am the CBF Summer Intern for Holmeswood, Skyler Lessenden, and for this week I get the chance to write this blog. I am a little unsure of what to write about, but I will do my best and hopefully you all enjoy! 

Over the last couple of months the world has been full of tragic events, and in these times it is hard to see how God is involved. In the midst of these tragedies we tend to get angry at God and ask, “How could he do this to so many innocent people?” It is difficult for anyone to try and answer that question; however, I do know one thing.

In Luke 10:27-35, Jesus taught us to love your neighbor as yourself, no matter the circumstance. Jesus defines your neighbor as everyone, the “good’ and the “bad”, they are a child of God who need to be shown love. We see the children of God working hand in hand to combat the pain of this world by sharing the love of God; for example, the hundreds of thousands of people who supported the city of Houston after Hurricane Harvey. We may not be able to be end all the tragedies of this modern era; however we all know that we can love a little more. A little love can go a very long way!

Image result for jesus said love your neighbor

So my challenge for you this week is to…

1) Smile at a stranger

and 2) Go and do the same, Luke 10:37.

Remember that YOU are loved and have an amazing week! 🙂


(Thanks, Skyler! You are awesome, and we’re blessed to have your amazing spirit, leadership and fun personality present all summer at Holmeswood! –Your church)  = )

This Saturday, June 9th from 11–2: Car Wash Fundraiser at Holmeswood!Image result for car wash this saturday

  • All donations benefit the Youth/Young Adult Summer Mission Trip to New York, in partnership with Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries and CLUE Camp
  • Please stop by and support Holmeswood Missions!

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