Salvation Mountain – crazy or Christ-like?

Leonard Knight was quite a character.

He did odd jobs most of his life, with the lightning focus of figuring out ways to share God’s love with others. Instead of being subtle and attending Sunday morning Worship at church, being kind to neighbors and friends, and volunteering at the local food bank, he went big and bold. Leonard created a place called Salvation Mountain…

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Salvation Mountain in Niland, CA

Salvation Mountain is a 50 foot high and 150 foot wide hill in the middle of nowhere in Southern California. He worked on it every day for over 30 years. Leonard constructed this hill out of adobe clay, random objects we found in junkyards and over 100,000 gallons of paint. Yep, that’s a lot of paint.

So, to some neighbors, he was a nuisance who made a tacky heap of junk. To law enforcement and local officials, he was an eclectic old man with a strange way to express himself. Still, to others, he was just plain crazy or loony. To many, though, this unusual way to express his love for God and his faith speaks to people. It makes the public who drive out of their way to see Salvation Mountain puzzled, quizzical, and intrigued. 

Are you building your own Salvation Mountain?

  • How are you and I actively sharing our faith using our gifts, talents and passion to do so? 
  • Are we a beacon of light, a scared shadow in the corner, or are we a blend of both?
  • Can you live out your faith as boldly as Leonard but not appear to be “out there?” (The answer is yes, friends.) 

This week, think about ways you can *authentically* share your passion and your faith with others. Think about ways that only you can describe the Gospel to others, be it through your wit, your writing, your athleticism or even your cooking skills. Even though Leonard was certainly unusual, he unapologetically shared God’s message of love for 30 years – painting and constructing every single day.

Let’s find our Salvation Mountain, whatever it may be. 

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The Lord’s Prayer – from Matthew 6:9-13


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