Is it Summer or Fall? Awkward.

Summer is over, but it’s still really hot.

School has begun, but even the thought of wearing a Fall sweater makes us want to faint.

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So, is it SUMMER or FALL?

What is it about transitions that are so hard?

  • When we go from elementary to middle school, does that make us tweens or teens?
  • When we go from middle to high school, are we supposed to *suddenly* be mature and confident and be sure of what we want to do when we grow up?
  • When we finally get to retire, are we supposed to know how to navigate the next chapter of our lives?

NOPE. Not without help.

God understands confusing/awkward transitions. God has literally watched over billions of people through time trying to figure out transitions in life. God was there when people invented the WHEEL, SLICED BREAD, and even when Walt Disney was drawing and forming what would become Mickey Mouse (in Kansas City, nonetheless!). God has seen so much. And God was taking care of people from the beginning. Here’s what the Bible says:

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God is with us through the weird/scary/exciting/sad/unknown transitions of life. God wants to know how each of us is feeling and what we’re thinking as we try to navigate through. Talk to God. Talk to people you trust, and know that you’re not enduring a transition on you’re own. YOU’VE GOT THIS!

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Have a great rest of the week, and try not to do this —–>>>>

Image result for smileyGod loves you!

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