Noticing Nothings

Do you ever take blessings and good things in your life for granted?

You probably do. And I definitely do, I must admit.

I thought it would be fun* this morning (when I first woke up) to take a piece of paper and write down what I’m thankful for…BEFORE MY FEET HIT THE GROUND.

Today’s Total? 87.


Now I’m no expert on being thankful, but it took only a few minutes of reflection (and laughing at myself) to realize I have A TON to be thankful for!

A Ton of Nothings.

Things like the ability to pay my heat bill and have a working furnace (And, with snow and 27 degree weather, this is huge. Many people in my zip code don’t have heat.)

Or two socks that match…if I want them to. Shoes without holes in them (because I can replace the holey ones without choosing between them or groceries). Or clothes that have only ever been worn by me…and that are clean…and in decent shape that fit me. (Although thrift stores and secondhand shops are such a blessing!) And extra food in my working fridge.

Or the Bible that sits on my nightstand next to a working cell phone with access to the World Wide Web…more information than I have time or brain capacity to devour in 100 lifetimes.

Or the freedom to obtain an education, a job, a city infrastructure with clean water, safe roads, trash pickup and an overall sense of democracy. Sacrifices so I have the freedom of choice.

And family and friends who support my growth and love me in spite of my shortcomings. Who spend time with me and go out of their way (& their own full lives) to love and support me.

Or the ability to wake up in a clean, quiet bedroom without nightmares of crime or crippling debt, or the long loneliness that settles in like a loud house guest who’ll never leave.

Or coffee.

These tiny nothings are Everything.

When life seems overwhelming and you can’t get out the words to even begin to describe how “too much” you are feeling, write down your Nothings.

In these tiny Nothings lie hope and joy and the Everything.

What are your tiny nothings today?

Thank you, God, for everything. Amen.



*”fun” is a relative term that is all-emcompassing to include stuff I really should do because I’m trying to be a better human. it also includes eating ice cream, running on the beach and actual silliness, too.

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