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Happy (Church) New Year!

The Advent season has begun, and this is a time when we get ready for Christmas. We prepare our hearts, our minds, and our actions for celebrating God’s long-awaited gift of Jesus Christ. This time can be a mix of happy and sad emotions, as we bring all of our hopes and longings to God.

Do you use an Advent calendar at home? Sometimes it’s called a countdown calendar. Sometimes you open a door or read a short passage or receive a little gift each day.

This year, a bunch of church people are trying something new–

A REVERSE Advent Calendar

This is a mission project where you GIVE something each day to a struggling family rather than receive a gift. (All items donated will go to Hillcrest Transitional Housing, a nonprofit in Kansas City that helps homeless families transition to self-sufficiency. Details inside your gift.) And I have written a little book that goes along with each day, a gift that I made for you. It was so fun to pray and think about God’s deep, deep love for you and for me. I thought about the beautiful people inside our church walls and the wonderful people outside of Holmeswood who live in our community and in this world. All are so beloved by God, and Jesus is a gift of unending love for each and all of us.

I hope you like this little book and, most importantly, you experience the deep love God has for you every day, all of the time, no matter what you do or who you become. Jesus was born for you.

Here’s your gift:


Reverse Advent Calendar Guide

Happy Advent!



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