Small great things

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I recently read this book. It’s written for adults who like to view a story from three different characters’ perspectives, or lenses. The story is deep and wide and made me confront some of the lenses I use to view others; while I already try my best, when each of us get new information, it’s an opportunity for us to learn and grow–how wonderful! And this book has made me grow a little.

The book’s title, SMALL GREAT THINGS, is referring to a famous quote by Dr. King:

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Do you think that each of us can do small things in great ways?

Sometimes we wake up and look in the bathroom mirror, and we feel…

  • small, insignificant
  • poor, weak
  • tired, weary, defeated

it’s difficult to think we can do great things that help a lot of people.

BUT Dr. King says to…..

  • be honest with ourselves (I am created by the all powerful God of love!)
  • stand firmly determined in our value and mission (In the Bible, God instructs each of us to love fully, stand up for justice, and stomp out fear!)
  • keep going (Today is a gift…the present!).

And if you still aren’t sure if you’re worthy or ready or powerful enough to do small things in a great way for the good of all people…remember Brother Lawrence.


Brother Who?

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Brother Lawrence was a poor, under-educated, injured veteran from France in the 1600s. Brother Lawrence connected with God in every second of his life, even when he was washing dishes and mopping the floor! He praised God in the chores and the muck and the mundane stuff that we all have to do. (If he was in your classroom or workplace, he would be excited about homework! Ha)

And Brother Lawrence is beloved 400 years later because of how he did SMALL GREAT THINGS, all for the glory of God. He lived boldly, stood up to the bullies of injustice and he loved fully. Here is one of my favorite Brother Lawrence quotes:

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So how will you do small great things today?


  • Thank you to all who cooked deliciousImage result for thank you chili and all who came and ate the delicious chili last Sunday. We raised over $1200 for Youth/College Mission! Special thanks to Doug, Greg, Gary, Anna, Maggie, Alex, Audrey, Grace, Kaitlin, Sarah and Alyssa who made it happen. You all are awesome!
  • Centering Prayer Group – Thursday, Feb 21 from 6:00-6:30 – a new monthly group that is open to all. We’ll learn and try out a few ancient prayer practices to help each of us get closer to God, using our mind, our bodies and connecting intentionally with the working of the Holy Spirit. No experience necessary.
  • Slovakia Pancake Fundraiser – Sunday, March 17 -8:00-9:00am. Let’s eat pancakes! Image result for pancake fundraiserAll donations go toward the Slovakia mission trip in May, as well as the mission of the McNary family, CBF Field Personnel. Hand created jewelry will be sold; proceeds will be seed money to assist Roma women in Slovakia as they set up their own small jewelry businesses to improve their families and communities. 

Happy Wednesday. Do great small things!


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