Coffee Kind of Faith

12552291_585026781647313_820574397_n(1)I want a coffee kind of faith..

One that is brewed slowly and continuously, percolating with each sunrise and sunset,

Accessible around the world for many, producing different nuances of flavors,

One that comforts the soul and warms the body.


I want a coffee kind of faith…

A belief system that is accessible to and just for the rich and the poor,

The educated and the nurtured, the lonely and the comforted,

A brew that is shared by millions all day and all night, from the many nooks and crannies around this beautiful blue and green planet.


I want a coffee kind of faith…

Equal Exchange is a program thousands of churches partner with for Fair Trade coffee, tea and chocolate.

A relationship with a farmer who tends the plants for a fair wage,

Carefully cultivates the soil and foundation to grow strong roots,

Trees that animals find shelter among and produce beauty and biodiversity.


I want a coffee kind of faith…faith

Nothing fancy or full of empty words,

An everyday habit, the start of my morning,

A great excuse to meet with a friend and chat in a cafe,

A wonderful nightcap with a slice of warm homemade pie.


I want a coffee kind of faith…

One whose aroma fully welcomes you in,

One that doesn’t need to compete for attention or validation,

A faith that plays well with others and grows constantly,

A faith that is vulnerable and keenly aware of others’ places and spaces.


What kind of faith do you want?

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4 —Toddler Camp (& Parents’ camp!), 10-11am

5 —Children at the Lord’s Table—a class on Communion, during BFGs; Slovakia Mission Team Meeting, 11:30am-1:00pm

26–Youth/College Planning Meeting for Denver Mission, 11:30am-1:30pm (lunch provided)

30 –Slovakia Mission Team Departs


  1. I’m forwarding Laurel’s family ministry post for this week. I like the analogy to coffee and thought you would like it too! Talk to you soon! Love ya! Mom❤️

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