Available vs Approachable

May I help you clean up from dinner? (seated in the dining room) vs.  I’ll help clean up; where should I start? (standing in the kitchen)

Are you Available or Approachable? Is it either/or?

I’ve been thinking about these two words lately…

available…Image result for available

  • a fast food restaurant open 24 hours a day, always open!
  • a person with enough space in their schedule to take up a new hobby, help a neighbor, watch a new TV show, etc.

approachable…Image result for approachable

  • you have spent some time taking care of your own needs, so you can now notice the needs of others
  • your body language and facial expression show an openness and kindness to everyone you run into

The difference is truly night and day. When a friend has just lost a family member, it is so easy to be available and say those cliche words: “Let me know if you need anything.” And they reply, “I will.” Now 99% of the time, the person will NEVER let you know if you need anything. They will, however, accept your approach…”I’m in your neighborhood later today; can I swing by with lunch?” This time, 99% of the time they will say, “Sure, come on over.” Why is that!?Related image

You have “put legs” on your availability with an excuse to spend time with them. You have become approachable because your words are backed up with a plan of action (like bringing lunch by). And you’ve prioritized THEM with your plans, being thoughtful and courteous of their time and your time, too. It is pretty great for everyone.

Jesus mastered the art of approachability…phil 2 5

  • He knew the people he was interested in interacting with.
  • He took the time and care to meet their needs in a planned, non-threatening way.
  • He was authentic in all parts of his life, with his only agenda to point to God and God’s love.
  • People of all ages (kids, too) were drawn to him.

How can we be more approachable this week?

What might happen if we open ourselves up a little more than usual, have pure intentions and act out our care?

This Sunday, May 26:

  • Let’s celebrate Ella B. and Cindy L.’s retirements from teaching! Bring a card or drawing to say THANK YOU to two wonderful children’s BFG teachers.

  • Denver Mission Team Meeting, 11:30-1:30, Youth Room. Lunch provided.

Happy Monday!




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