Birthdays…what’s the point?

Birthdays…what’s the point?

dr seuss

Today is my Uncle David’s birthday.

He is a special person in my life who has always been there for me and has taught me so much over the years. Perhaps you have an “Uncle David” in your life; oh, I hope you do!

  • Who is that person that has known you as a young child, who mustered up enough energy to play games with you and assemble your complicated Christmas gifts?
  • Who is that person that was patient with you through the awkward middle school years–when you were unsure of everything–and was consistently kind and steady?
  • Who is that person that always looks at you with the same look of love and care, no matter who you’ve become, how much (or little) you’ve accomplished, or how you feel about yourself?

Oh, I really do hope you have a person like this in your life. If you don’t–it’s okay–your story isn’t over yet, and there’s still time to find your “Uncle David.”


The funny thing about birthdays is that they mark an end of one era and the beginning of future possibilities, another chance at life.

When you think about your person/mentor/friend who 100% has your back, perhaps you can think about your birthday and theirs, too. Our time on this Earth is so very short, and holidays (like a birthday) are a chance to…

  1. …look BACK at ponder how God was present with you in glad/sad/chaotic days.
  2. …look FORWARD to the person you want to work to become and the goals you want to set and accomplish.
  3. …look up and around TODAY and see all of the ways that you are loved, and are able to love yourself and others.
  4. …SEE THE HOPE (and purpose of life) in all three of these times–past, future and present. Holidays bring deeper connections to the cyclical calendar of January through December and powerful meaning to the monotonous and mundane.

(Write these down! You might need to look at these sometime as a reminder.)



And eat a little cake!

Celebrate your birthday and the birthdays of others. Let’s celebrate this wild adventure that is life.



You are God’s handiwork, the apple of  God’s eye. Let’s celebrate this gift! Let us live in peace, calming our anxiety and fear, knowing that God always has our back.


Coming Up…

Tomorrow begins our first-ever All-Church Weekend Retreat!! I’m so excited that it’s finally happening; what was a dream and an idea is now a full weekend with 63 beloved Holmeswoodians.

just love logo.png


Happy Thursday! You are God’s beloved. Let us celebrate this today. = )



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