Sloughing off

**Reminder: Tomorrow, 10/1, is the deadline to sign up for Wednesday night’s Pumpkins and Pizza! To RSVP, fill out this short form, then push Submit:

Do you call this season Fall or Autumn? 

I say “Fall,” but some of my favorite songs about this season use “Autumn” in the title and lyrics. Either way, it’s a fun time. Summer is ending, and plants and trees are going through the process of sloughing off the old to get ready for the new. “Sloughing” [pronounce sluffing] is a funny word, meaning to dispose or remove, like a snake shedding its skin. Sometimes we humans need to get rid of something (or even time with someone) in our lives to leave space for new things–maybe a new adventure, habit, activity or even new people. This space for new could be a wonderful improvement for our well-being, our belonging and even our long-term goals. Perhaps ponder any “sloughing off” needed in your life. Jesus the Christ was an example of someone who loved all people; his closest friends, however, were those he needed and who lifted him up in difficult times. In some ways, Jesus was an expert at sloughing off the old to make way for the new and the things that brought him closer to God [remember the weeks of temptation when he said “no” to Satan a lot?].

What a season Autumn/Fall is. Rosh Hashanah (“head of the year”) is going on right now, so be sure and wish your Jewish friends a happy new year. Happy Fall, Y’all!

Here a couple of highlights for your week:

  • Pumpkins and Pizza – Wednesday, October 2 from 5-7pm in the Fellowship HallImage result for pumpkins and pizza
    • Let’s decorate a pumpkin for Fall/Autumn! No carving mess, just some painting and fun. Bring $3 per person, and sign up (fill out the form above or email me). If you have craft/decals/painting supplies to share, please bring them. All ages welcome.
  • South KC Block Party – Saturday, October 5 from 10am-3pm in the Red Bridge Shopping Center
    • Games, music, food and lots of fun in our church’s neighborhood!
  • World Communion Sunday – THIS Sunday, October 6 in WorshipImage result for world communion sunday
    • Kids and Youth (& little kids with their parents) are invited to sign up to carry a global bread during Communion. A few speaking parts are available, too. Email Allen or Laurel ASAP to sign up!
  • Youth Night Saturday, Oct. 12 at a Corn Maze!
    • 6-10pm, RSVP ASAP to me [Laurel], $10 includes maze + food

HBC Family Calendar – October 2019 – Download the PDF

HBC Family Calendar - October 2019 jpeg

Image result for monday morning bible verse

Happiest of Mondays!


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