Epiphany Day!

The twelfth day of Christmas is upon us, so Happy Epiphany! 

We remember the story in the Gospels of the Wise Men (Magi) traveling to visit King Jesus. They disobeyed Herod’s orders to send word back to him when they found the baby, risking their lives to help keep the Holy Family safe. Thanks be to God for the helpers who risk their own security and safety for us to stay safe and have our basic needs met. 

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And welcome to 2020!! We are so excited to spend a fresh, new year with you and your family in 2020. A new year brings up questions:

  1. What happened in 2019 that… I’m really proud of? …I’m ready to let go of? …I learned from?
  2. How will God shape me and how will I grow in this new year? What will happen? 
  3. What are some things about 2020 I can share with God, leaning on God for support/strength/courage/confidence/care?

Using yesterday’s Star Words from Worship (pick one up this week if you didn’t grab one!), use your Star Word and question 3 (above) to start your prayer journey with God this year. When you aren’t sure what to say to God, simply start telling God (out loud, silently, on paper) how you’re feeling and what is forefront on your mind right now. You’ve got this!

As far as your church being there for you…we are! Always. And this relationship goes both ways, as we support each other together. To attend organized friendship-making, be sure to check the EVENTS page for upcoming events, or read our weekly blog posts. 


Related imageALSO…we have a new page :

BFG Corner

  • Here, you can view the most up-to-date Nursery Volunteer Schedule, Elementary BFG teaching/lesson Schedule, and find out more about the Youth BFG….all in one place! Check it out!


May God’s love and care for you be very obvious in the new year. And may we all share the love of Christ with others, both as helpers and protectors, like the Magi. Amen.


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