God Surprises

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Well, sometimes I feel like I’ve been there, done that, and I know exactly what is going to happen next.

But is that true? Do we always know how things will turn out? Just when we think we know it all…


God surprises us.Image result for you have searched me and know

When you ask God for help, God might provide it in a way you never even thought of. God is wild like that–you see, God knows each of us inside and out, better than anyone else, and God knows EXACTLY what each of us needs. And God provides.

Skeptical? You’re not alone.

There are times when I think I know everything, when I forget to focus on God and, instead, put myself in charge of everything. And guess what? I make mistakes. God, however, does not make those same mistakes and does the best for each of us. The Bible (“Scripture”) is a guide for life, and one of its most brilliant uses is to show us examples of God’s forever faithfulness. When we doubt, we can see hundred’s of examples in this book. God is faithful through being always present in our lives, always loving us, always nurturing us, and as our eternal guide and strength.

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Here are a few examples of times when God remained faithful AND surprised people:

  • Moses’ entire life [basket road trip  amp; adoption as a baby; God talks to Moses Image result for biblethrough a burning bush & made his staff a snake; includes Aaron and rod; plagues; safe exodus; sweet water and manna; ten commandments] (Exodus 3-15)
  • Joshua and the fall of Jericho (Joshua 5-6)
  • Ruth and Naomi’s new life and legacy (Book of Ruth)
  • David is anointed as King & defeats Goliath; becomes friends with Saul’s son Jonathan (1st Samuel 16-17, 20)
  • Esther becomes queen (Esther 2)
  • Saul/Paul’s Conversion (Acts 9)
  • Cornelius gets the surprise of his life (Acts 10-12)

These are just a few examples, and I didn’t even include Jesus’ actions in this list! What

Image result for lo i am with you always bible verse

are some examples from the Bible when someone was surprised by God? Can you think of a time when God surprised you?


So, next time you think that you KNOW what will happen, crack open your Bible and remember that God is full of surprises. As we remain faithful to God, we can count on God always loving, nurturing, caring and protecting us.




Another way we can experience God’s surprises is through hanging out with people who are also seeking God’s guidance and embracing God’s love. (Church is a great place to start!) To attend organized friendship-making, be sure to check the EVENTS page for upcoming events, or read our weekly blog posts.


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Happy Week! Be open to the ways God will *surprise* you!


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