Praying for Wins

Reminder: Game Night this Friday, Feb 7 from 6:30-8:30pm in Fellowship Hall. Bring a game or a snack to share. All are welcome!

Is it okay to PRAY FOR A WIN?

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Chiefs win the Super Bowl!!

The Kansas City Chiefs just won the Super Bowl, and our city is SOOOO EXCITED!!

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With amazing coaches, players and the Chiefs Kingdom’s support, last night was a heart-racing game for our city and broader community. And who doesn’t love a WIN and the mounds of confetti raining down upon the team? #confettiangels When I heard the famous “home of the Chiefs” line during Demi Lovato’s solo of the National Anthem, I got excited! And the game had lots of twists and turns. Finally, after 50 years, IT WAS TIME for the Chiefs to win it all. {Insert giant sigh of relief!}

All of this celebrating is SO GOOD for our communities, for our people, for our bonds with neighbors and friends. We stood united in red and cheered on the same team. What an awesome image. (We’ll see more of it during this week’s parade!)

It all makes me wonder…is it okay to pray for a win in sports?

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Prayer – the request (help), expression of gratitude (thanks) and observation (wow) to God by a person, in order to give glory to God and to draw the person closer to God their Creator.

  • If you are a teacher and you pray to God to help you do well at your job, is that okay?
  • If you are a basketball player and you ask God to help you succeed at your sport, is that okay?

The Bible mentions the word “prayer” over 130 times. This doesn’t count other times when Scripture mentions “seeking God” or “asking God,” or even times when people in the Bible spoke to God (prayer). Prayer is super important! In the Bible, prayer is modeled as an active way to draw nearer to God and to give God glory. No matter what we actually say/think/feel in prayer to God, it’s still a conversation that each of us is having with the God who loves us more than anyone else does. Even when it can feel one-sided, we can look to the Bible for evidence that God is constantly and consistently listening and responding to us.

Back to our original question about praying for a win…

  • So is it okay to pray for a win? Yes, as long as we are giving glory to God in the process.
  • Is it okay to pray for a win for YOU that involves hurting or diminishing other people? Nope, that’s not okay. (See what the Bible says about justice and kindness and ALL being created in God’s image. If we celebrate our own victory that came at the expense of others, we’re actually disrespecting God.)
  • However, when “wins” come in your life, we should ALWAYS give glory to God. (And when times are full of loss, God wants to hear about our struggles, too.)

After all, God invented people who invented football, the snacks you eat all day on Super Bowl Sunday and televisions. God’s pretty amazing. And I think God definitely deserves that kind of Kingdom glory.

So when you pray, ask yourself WHY you’re praying. Do you want God to serve as a magic genie granting you 3 wishes, or is God your life guide? Do you look to Jesus for strength and wisdom, or are you trying to boss him around? It’s really good to check in with ourselves to make sure we’re not trying to be “God;” it’s easy to forget that we need God every second of every day, as our life-giver, Savior and dearest friend.

Coming Up…

  •  Sunday, February 2: Worship at 9:00am, BFGs (small groups) at 10:15am
    Chiefs and Chili – chili cook-off fundraiser for Youth/College Mission!
    • Yesterday was awesome–thank you to all who brought chili and cupcakes! (Jan, Dianne, Tim, Tammie, Shirel, Jackie, Wanda and Greg). Thanks to those who attended and ate all of the chili–we raised $950! Thanks to the mission team and families for a Super Bowl (of chili) event. And thanks to Doug for his silly “Goat Cheese!” joke.
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This Friday, February 7: Game Night (organized by kids & youth!) from 6:30-8:30pm in Fellowship Hall; bring a snack to share (optional) and your table “game face.”

  • We have a couple of kids & youth planning the games, so get ready for some serious fun!

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Summer Plans –Mark your calendars (add to your phones)!

  • Heartland Camp – July 6-10. A five-day, all day camp at church! We will learn, play, share and serve. And we might even ride a horse. Registration opens in March!  The cost will be $50 per camper, and scholarships are available!
  • Youth/College Mission Trip to San Diego – July 18-24. A 7-day trip to San Diego with Sierra Service Project, working directly with organizations and locals around God’s work in immigration, wealth inequality, and the environment. We will stay in South County Boys and Girls Club, and we will work among Sierra Service Project’s  established, incredible ministries. This will be a life-changing, meaningful, fun trip! We have one spot left: flyer and form here.
  • 4D2nd Street Camp – August 3-6. Learn and perform an awesome musical in 4 days! Does it seem impossible? Well, it isn’t! Registration opens soon for this wonderful camp, directed by Pastor Allen.

Pray lots, love a ton and remember to give God glory in all things. = )

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