Be. A. Trenta.

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  1. Have you ever been around someone who was screaming and over the top when their food order was messed up by the wait staff? Or huffing impatiently while in line at school or a store?
  2. Has a friend or family member ever overreacted or spouted anger when the situation really wasn’t that bad?
  3. Have YOU ever been that person that overreacts?

At one time or another, we have ALL been there. Even the calmest, most contemplative of us have our moments when we lash out, usually misdirected at those we respect and love the most.

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Why do we do this?

Sometimes our “Tall” cup isn’t big enough to hold our stresses, worries, anxiety and problems. We haven’t yet developed the skills to cope with life’s problems and things that come our way (or we forgot to actually use those skills!). When we’re already pretty stressed, any little thing could overflow our cup, and we want to “Fight or Flight” our way out of the situation.

So, when you see a person way overreact to a situation, it doesn’t mean they’re a terrible person. They are probably just overwhelmed and not sure how to handle all of the things going on in their life. Maybe they’re not a trenta yet…

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What!? Why be a Trenta?

  • Ever had a Trenta at that famous global coffee chain? “Trenta” means thirty in Italian, representing the 30 ounces of liquid this size of cup can hold.
  • When you’re a Trenta, your cup is big enough to handle not only your own stresses, you can also respond calmly to the daily conflict and issues that you will come into contact with. Your emotional capacity expands, and you can “Shake It Off,” as a certain pop singer says. When a flat tire (say, 2 ounces) is poured into your only half full Trenta, you have (30 -15 -2 =13) 13 ounces of space left, so no problem! You can handle this like a yoga master, calm and cool as a cucumber. And you see that life is too important to drown in stress and struggle.

God doesn’t want us to live in a constant state of struggle…Jesus never said life would be easy; however, Joy is mentioned quite a bit in the Bible…around 172 times.

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So, Be. A. Trenta!!

Coming Up…

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March – Lenten Season of the Senses

1st: HEAR–9:00 am Worship; BFG following

  • Youth/College Planning Meeting for San Diego Mission, 11:30am-1:30pm 

8th: TASTE–Family Team Meeting, 11:30am-12:30pm (Conference Room 1)

15th: SEE-9:00 am Worship; BFG following

  • Check out The Faces of Beloved Community, a CBF Photography exhibit of 40 photos of field personnel (missionaries) around the world! They’ll line our hallways.

22nd: TOUCH-9:00 am Worship; BFG following

29th: SMELL-9:00 am Worship; BFG following

  • Youth host Meet & Greet! (youth and their families bring a tray of cookies, muffins or fruit to share with the congregation today)

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