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Hello, Friends!
A lot has happened since our blog last week. WHEW! Are you taking deep breaths? Are you sitting still when you can? These are strange times, and it’s okay to name it. This is also a season when we can reconnect with God, ourselves and each other in really meaningful, fun ways.

Guess what? God. Is. Here. And here are some ways to deepen time with God:

  • God wants to hear your thoughts and feelings. Share those with God through prayer, journaling, drawing or even while walking around your neighborhood.
  • When you’re feeling cabin fever or stressed out, take a few deep breaths. Count to 5 as you inhale, and count to 5 as you exhale. I have a little relaxing corner in my home where I can read, journal, workout or just meditate in silence. It’s okay to “just be still” because sometimes our best ideas and energy comes from that time. Allow yourself to breathe deeply and often.
    • Try a Breath Prayer: {Inhale a deep breath and whisper} “God of Love” then {exhale and whisper} “help me relax.” Can you get more real than that prayer? Try this breath prayer 5-10 times, or until you are feeling more present. Change up the words; 3-4 syllables for each part works well.
  • Take care of your Temple. God made our bodies…what a gift! And our bodies crave comfort when life has changes and uncertainties. Instead of grabbing a comfort cupcake or bag of calm-down chips, consider swapping those for sliced apples with cinnamon or celery and hummus. I promise you’ll start to feel better and have more energy. And gulp down more water. (I’m working on this with you!)
    • And with so many places closed and get-togethers cancelled, consider having a Cooking Party! Call up or Facetime a friend and swap recipes or meal ideas. Gather your family around the kitchen, and give everyone a job. Joke about messy moments in the kitchen, and enjoy deep belly laughs. Make a casserole dish (or a simple sandwich) while chatting and have a great time together “in the kitchen.”

Miss sitting in Worship?

Oh, how I miss seeing your smiling faces…so please do me a favor and send me a photo of yourself. Email, text or post a photo of yourself/family on Facebook, and I’ll print them out and paste them in the sanctuary pews for Sunday. Haha, this could be fun! (And it helps your pastors not speak to a totally empty room!)

And be sure to check you email and visit our church Facebook page often! We have lots of exciting videos and activities coming your way. If you don’t receive emails from church, let me know.

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I know times are strange right now, but we are going to get through it together! It’s all going to be okay–just stay safe, make wise choices and take care of each other through social media, phone calls and even letters. Yeah!

If you’d like to send a card or note to someone at church who lives alone, let me know! I’ll assign a pen pal to you. = ) God loves you, we love you and we are going to be alright. ~Laurel

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