Bible Bingo has Begun

Well, we’re surviving another week of Staying at Home and (hopefully) remaining healthy.

If you’re running out of things for the kids to do or just feeling ‘meh’ about it all, hope the following can provide some fun to your day…

Bible BINGO - Christian Preschool Printables
Email me (Laurel . cluthe @holmeswood .org) to receive a few Bingo cards!

Let’s Play Bingo!

How this works:

  1. Grab a bingo card or two (Some have been mailed out, or email Laurel . cluthe @ holmeswood .org for the PDF). ALL are invited to play.
  2. Watch the Bible story videos & mark off the ones you/your family has watched.
  3. Get 5 marked squares in a row, and a prize will be delivered to your home! (Email or text Laurel when you’ve won.) One prize per household; game ends April 30.

The first two videos are up on our Bible Bingo page (quick link above in menu bar), so let’s get started!

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