I Have No Words.

We have begun our second month of self-isolation and quarantine. People all over the world have experienced so many life-draining emotions: fear, anxiety, stress, confusion, frustration, exhaustion, weariness, sadness, grief. The same people have also experiences life-giving emotions, too: unity, hope, creativity, kindness, awareness, generosity, love, comfort, care, solidarity.

With such a range of thoughts and feelings, we might be at a loss of words to express where we are coming from. Thankfully, Jesus paved a path for us when words do not come and our minds are swirling. Those words are in the form of a prayer.

Below are two videos on prayer, one from a storybook Bible and the second is a beautifully illustrated interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer. Beloved ones, when words fail or do not come, let us pray. Amen. ~Laurel


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