An Advent Gift (Friday Five #16)

Friday Five is coming a little early this week…with a special gift for you!

Thanks to friends in our congregation, as well as CBF mission partners, we have a gift of an Advent Devotional Guide for you:

Please enjoy this book during the Advent season (Nov 29-December 24/25), and you’re welcome to share this with friends, family and neighbors. We also have several hard copies outside of the Galleria glass doors at church, if you’d like one.

This year’s Advent theme at Holmeswood Baptist is Advent: The Art of Waiting. The book is written around this theme, and our Sunday Worship during Advent will feature some incredible art pieces as we ponder four characters in the Bible who did a lot of waiting–Zechariah, Joseph, Mary and Jesus the Christ. We hope you’ll join us on for these special times.

And if you’re wondering if you say “devotion” or “devotional,” either is fine. Devotion tends to be the feeling or act attached to your relationship with God and others, while a devotional is an outward expression of this feeling (like a prayer, song, written poem or reflection, etc.). As a church, we use them interchangeably.

May we lean into the Hope, Peace, Love, Joy and -yes- even Waiting of this Advent Season. God is alive and working within us and between us, too. Let’s discover more of God’s work and love together.

Happy Thanksgiving. I’m grateful for you and to spend time together today.


Laurel W. Cluthe, Pastor of Families at Holmeswood Baptist Church, Kansas City, MO

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