What’s Your Purpose? (Friday Five #20)

This week’s Friday Five is posting a little late this time…and on purpose.

Now that it’s nearing 10:30 pm (and you might not see this until tomorrow), you’ve surely wished all of your closest Facebook friends and family “Happy New Year” with sparkler and smiley faced emojis, and you’ve posted your “Top Nine” photos on Instagram. Maybe you’ve even spent some time today coming up with intentions for 2021…maybe that’s a little to new age-y for you, so you’ve at least thought about what it would like to restart Weight Watchers again or revisit Keto for the fourth time. Perhaps you’ve longed for a vacation destination and quickly looked up prices for flights in, say, December of 2022, hoping the vaccines will be distributed to all by then. Those are all highly appropriate thoughts and actions for January 1st of any year, but this is 2021.

2021…the year after the year affectionately known as a “dumpster fire” of a year. When extremely valid moments of shock, grief and disbelief plagued each human on this planet, for some similar and many different reasons. So, after your diet and exercise plans, your goal-setting and fresh new year outlook, here we are, sitting at our kitchen table or sofa and it might be a little quiet now. The plans are pushed aside, and I have some real talk for you…

What is it that you really want to live into this new year?

Who ARE you? What do you stand for? What are you willing to give up for fairness, decency and at least a little more just of a world for another? I wish I thought more about this question in my own life. Certainly Jesus journaled about this in his Moleskine nightly…surely “what is my purpose?” was part of his daily mantra. And he knew…and so do we. Enough to capitalize the “H” each time we refer to Him.

What is your purpose? What are you working toward? I don’t mean the new year resolutions we strive to work toward and (oftentimes) fall short of or-honestly-sort of forget about three weeks into January. What is the grit of our lives? What drives us, and what keeps us going?

Just a little something to think about. Would love to hear what you’re thinking.


John 10:10…from his Moleskine.

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