Black (His/her)story Month

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As most all of us know, February is a month set aside to honor the contributions of Black people throughout US History. What I’m learning is that this time is so much more than that. So I ask these questions:

  • Does Black History Month focus solely on people in the past who made big, bold contributions, or can it be about people today and in the future who continually pave the way for racial equity, hope and healing?
  • Is Black History Month about honoring those who have contributed in BIG ways to history, or is it about honoring ALL Black individuals and communities (both famous and obscure)?
  • Is this month focused on contributions to Black history or to ALL of history?

Why is it that I have not thought about this month as broadly before, merely taking this designated four weeks to learn about famous Black leaders, writers, advocates, artists and inventors. That has been some of my white privilege rearing its ugly head. I have not prioritized this opportunity to change because I have not taken the time to allow myself to be changed through this period of learning. And I thank the voices who are continually teaching, reaching out and sharing, even when these same voices are exhausted, down-trodden and do not owe white people anything.

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So each day is a new space to grow, to evolve, to seek a closer vision to how Jesus views this world full of beautiful creatures.

How are you growing today? How are you observing others in your life growing?

What a humbling, beautiful mess of a journey we are on…together. And I thank God for it and for you.

Happy weekend. (Go Chiefs!)


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