Over Half Treasures

I turned 37 the other day. This might seem like a strange birthday milestone to account, but it’s a big deal for every 18 year old, too.

You see, when you’re 18…a lot can happen. Ending high school, beginning a career, perhaps college or further studies (gap year, travel). You are are a part of lots of endings and beginnings, all around this year or so. As we know, turning 18 is kind of a big year for exploration, especially. So when I knew 37 was coming around (and, yes, I’ve been thinking about this since I was 18), whatever I would have learned at 18 would have been living within me longer than it had NOT. Over half of my life now, some treasures of 18 are still in my knapsack. Does that make sense?

Ellis Paul is one of these treasures I discovered at 18 and, now in 2021, the rich lyrics and brilliant melodies of this troubadour’s songs have been part of my life (37–18=19 years) longer than they were not (a mere 18 years). Big, big deal, for sure. His songs have centered me on quiet nights of reflection, on dancing moments with a car full of friends going to the beach and in moments of sorrow.

Who is your Ellis Paul? What is that thing/musician/hobby/book/love that has lived within you LONGER than it has NOT?

Praise God for our “Over Half” treasures! As you are listening today, ponder who/what is your “over half.” Thank God for the longevity and presence God has shown through this person/hobby/discovery. And–if you’re way past 37, your next birthday to celebrate is 75 (37X2=74 + 1 year), etc. Praise God!

Isaiah 45:3

Prayer: God of the 18 year olds, we give you praise for discovery and transitions. God of the 37 year olds, we give you credit for the beauty of longevity and passion-filled interests. God of the 75 year olds, we call out your presence through it all–joys, sorrows and even monotony. God of all people, of all ages, we thank you for your love and the distinct privilege to be alive today. Amen.

Happy Friday!


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