Easter People, Part 2

Good morning!

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Thank you for the patience as I stepped away from the blog for a couple of weeks. Guess what? We are still Easter people! Last week at this same time, I was able to visit my 94 year old Uncle Max in Dallas. Unfortunately, Max died a few days later, but I will always remember the joke Max used to share once I was ordained to ministry:

“Laurel, what is the meaning of the book of Revelation? I can sum it up with two words: We Win.” And we would laugh, and that twinkle in his eye let me know not only who he was but who his God is…a God who loves deeply, does not take life TOO seriously, and One who values silly humor (no, he did not think Revelation was an “us and them” kind of thing). He believed in the deep parts of God and faith, as well as making The Way accessible and digestible.

Friends, we are STILL Easter people, as we are in the middle of Eastertide, the season of Easter before Pentecost. It is a beautiful time to be a person of faith because we are given so MANY opportunities to proclaim hope in Christ. This life is so difficult, and you and I have the awe-some responsibility and invitation to name the injustice, hear the hurting, and work really hard to share love, hope and peace among our friends, neighbors, family and even strangers (who eventually are no longer strangers when we talk together). This is the BOLD JOB of Easter people.

Here I share a portion of a prayer of love for you from “The Book of Uncommon Prayer” by Steven L. Case

Sunday: A Prayer of Love

This is your day, God.

I will use it to honor you.

I will stand here and inhale your air.

I will feel the sunlight on my face.

I will sing your songs.

I will praise your name.

I will remember you in all things, God.

When the sun goes down today,

I will remember you.

I will thank you for the gift of living another week.

(And thank you for getting me through the last one.)

Thank you for my family and friends.

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for peace that’s beyond my understanding.

Thank you for the joy you’ve given me.

Thank you for your love, God.

I am your servant.


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