Alllll the Animals

Last Sunday, some of our younger friends arranged the Nativity in such a special way, with alllllll of the animals from their classroom. All on their own. All of the animals, including Noah’s Ark menagerie. Funny enough, a couple of youth and I had just had a conversation about how animals are not evenmentioned in the Gospels’ account of Jesus’ birth. Of course, the animal home is mentioned (stable) and there is a donkey around (Joseph & Mary’s car), but were the animals really there, too? It stands to reason, yes! (See Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2 to investigate further.)

That’s such a neat part of Jesus’ Birth Story–there is mystery and there are so many new things to learn about that powerful event. Not only was it a special moment that was prophesied for hundreds of years prior, it is a story that surrounds our own lives today and in the future.

Join us tomorrow, Christmas Eve, for a wonderful (re)telling of this Great Story. We will offer Worship at 5:00 pm in Fellowship Hall for all ages, with a lively experience of building the manger together through lessons and carols. Then, the night owls will gather at 11:15 pm in Prayer Garden to experience a contemplative service based on the four themes of Advent. Join in! For your convenience, the 5:00 Worship will be livestreamed on Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.

May this Season be one of Peace, Hope, Joy and Love, as we remember alllllll the animals and the people that God wrote into Christ’s Story of Love. Merry Christmas!


PS – Look at our church Facebook page for another awesome thing this class did!

Our creative Navitity assembly team. Nativity comes from the Latin “nativus,” meaning born or native birth.

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