Just Add Fun

Reminder: This Friday 8/19/22 is Movie Night (Mary Poppins) in Fellowship Hall! Bring a friend and a spoonful of sugar (hee) for a fun dinner, movie and activity. All ages welcome; dinner at 6, movie at 6:30.

This last month has been a whirlwind personally, and I know of many of you all are experiencing similar things. With plans and preparation, with LONG to-do lists and lots of moments to remain flexible, all of these things (although many are wonderful) can really tire us out. Sure, we can take a day of rest here and there, maybe put our feet up and watch (and doze through) a movie. And we know that seasons of busyness ebb and flow, or at least we strive for a balance. But there is one thing I’m learning is crucial in a busy sesason: Just Add Fun.

Often, when we have a busy day or a full schedule, we can remember to take deep breaths (to avoid getting stressed out or overwhelmed). We can even remember to eat lunch. Yet, sometimes I forget to inject more fun into the busyness of it all. Now I can easily spin a challenge into something positive, joyful even. But do we really take time to ensure that we have an evening or even an hour that is PURE, LAUGH-DRIVEN FUN?

Catherine Wright, the author of “The Power of Fun: How to Feel Alive Again” says her research around fun comes down to 3 psychological states: playfulness, connection and flow. In a New York Times article, she breaks these down this way:

  • Playfulness: doing activities regularly with a lightheartedness, just for the fun of it; this is a skill to help manage stress
  • Connection: “the feeling of having a special, shared experience with another person;” this builds our resilience in stressful times
  • Flow: “the active state of being fully engaged and focused, even to the point where you lose track of time;” the key word is active, like being engaged in a conversation or hobby, enjoying an activity or action. (Streaming TV shows is called “junk flow” because it is inactive and not helpful for fun, according to her research.)

Playfulnessconnection and flow each have been shown to improve people’s moods and mental health when experienced on their own. But when people experience these three states at once — in other words, when they have true fun — the effects that they report are almost magical. When people are having actual fun, they report feeling focused and present, free from anxiety and self-criticism. They laugh and feel connected, both to other people and to their authentic selves.

Catherine Wright
Give thanks and have fun!

This is such good news! So what is one way you can incorportate Playfulness, Connection and Flow in your life today? How can you involve another person in the active fun? Approaching FUN with these three states means we improve our mental health and overall life outcome, as well as an improvement in our productivity and relationships. And improving ourselves is certainly a piece of caring for God’s Creation. So go and have some fun!

Holmeswood Family Ministry Events page

August 19: Family Movie Night! [Friday]

  • Dinner at 6:00 pm, Mary Poppins begins at 6:30. Snacks will also be provided.
  • All are welcome; RSVP (please) in church office by Wedn, Aug 17.


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August 28: Fall Kickoff Sunday

  • In 10:15 am Worship, children and youth will transition to their new classes with a special Ceremony.
  • Blessing of the Backpacks in Worship: All students bring their backpacks/tablets/lunchbags and receive a special gift to help remember God loves them and is with them all year long.

Have some FUN this week!


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