Back to School Prayer

No matter our life stage or location, each of us is somehow connected to a student or an adult who supports students. May this be a prayer conversation for you or for those in your life beginnig a new school year. And share with them, if you’d like.

Back to School Prayer

Nerves, excitement, fear, confusion.

God, offer me peace and deep sleep as I begin a new school year.

Joy, friendships, laughter, hope.

God, remind me that good moments will happen, and they will return after bad times.

Wonder, thought, wisdom, challenge.

God, support me through moments of learning and times when I need to focus.

Talk, listen, help, prepare.

God, show me how to communicate well and how to exceed my goals and expectations.

Love, kindness, mercy, patience.

God, guide me to be a great friend to the lonely and a great peacemaker to the anxious.

Most of all, may I lean on you in this new year of endless possibilities. Amen!

Holmeswood Family Ministry Events page

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August 28: Fall Kickoff Sunday

  • In 10:15 am Worship, children and youth will transition to their new classes with a special Ceremony.
  • Blessing of the Backpacks in Worship: All students bring their backpacks/tablets/lunchbags and receive a special gift to help remember God loves them and is with them all year long.

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