Fall Bucket List

Thank you to all who reached out about last week’s post. It is heavy but necessary to talk about, and I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and experiences. Now, shall we move on to some fun?

Have you ever made a Bucket List?

Every year, I miss summer (but don’t miss super hot weather). And I have learned to really enjoy Fall (do you?)…so I make a Fall Bucket List to check off new adventures, treasured traditions and things to experience with loved ones. It also helps that Fall is a longer season, and decorations can be left up for a while! Perhaps you’d like to try making a Fall Bucket List, too.

How to Get Started

Make. A. List. I love lists. And for those of you grumbling over lists, this is a FUN list. It is a way to explore local gems in our city and really appreciate where we are in the here and now. Here are a few templates found online to help you get started, one regular and one giving back version:

Consider making a Fall Bucket List, even if it only has 6 items: 2 traditions, 2 new things to try, and 2 ways to serve/support our neighbors. This will be fun! And please let me know what you decided to add to your list.

Happy week! God loves you, and so do we.

~Laurel at Holmeswood

Coming Up:

October 30 – Trunk or Treat *now with Lunch!

  • Come one, come all – it is time to dress up and celebrate! While some of us will “dress up” our vehicles in a fun theme, trick or treaters and their families will go around and join in the fun of creativity and neighborhood connections. We will provide a simple hot dog lunch and backyard games, so stick around for the fun!
  • See this week’s Martin City Telegraph ad for our event!

November 6 – All Saints SundayOur blessed Saints - All Saints Sunday 2019. — The Danish Lutheran Church  and Cultural Center of Southern California

  • Annually, we remember in Worship saints who have died in the last year, particularly church members and those making a difference in our community. A special activity for the children to give to families whose loved ones have died will be made and gifted, and this is also a time to talk about grief with children in a safe, age-appropriate way that will give families tools for conversations in the present and future.

Have a wonderful week! You are loved.


Ecclesiastes 3:1

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