Fun Facts

I just love Fun Facts. Why? Because they’re short snip-its of wisdom or fun that help you get to know a person, place or concept better. You might know these already, but here are some Fun Facts about 3 different wonders:

Kansas City Fun Facts

  • The Country Club Plaza turns 100 this year! It first opened in 1922 and is modeled after Seville, Spain.
  • The Happy Meal was invented in KC by a guy names Bob Bernstein.
  • The Nelson-Atkins art museum holds over 35,000 pieces and spans more than 5,000 years of history and art!


Holmeswood Baptist Church Fun Facts

  • Holmeswood was founded in 1955 by a group of people from Wornall Road Baptist Church. The first pastor was Jack Wilson, but the church has always been led by God through lots of volunteer leaders, too.
  • Our gym was constructed out of a leap of faith by a handful of families hoping for a place in the neighborhood for kids to come and play basketball. It has been a wonderful asset to our community for decades.
  • We love nativity sets! Ernie Berube, a church member, carved and gave a beautiful, large wooden nativity set to the church that we display each year. In addition, our librarian Pat Tennison, displays quite a bit of her own nativity sets from around the world each Advent season.

What are some fun facts about your own life?

Share these with a friend or bring them up in conversation this week, as others get to know you better. And ask about their own fun facts! Let us have fun finding out more about each other with curiosity and deeper listening.

Hope you have a great week! Be sure and bring a friend to Trunk or Treat this Sunday, too.


Coming Up:

October 30 – Trunk or Treat *now with Lunch!

  • Come one, come all – it is time to dress up and celebrate! While some of us will “dress up” our vehicles in a fun theme, trick or treaters and their families will go around and join in the fun of creativity and neighborhood connections. We will provide a simple hot dog lunch and backyard games, so stick around for the fun!
  • See this week’s Martin City Telegraph ad for our event!

November 6 – All Saints SundayOur blessed Saints - All Saints Sunday 2019. — The Danish Lutheran Church  and Cultural Center of Southern California

  • Annually, we remember in Worship saints who have died in the last year, particularly church members and those making a difference in our community. A special activity for the children to give to families whose loved ones have died will be made and gifted, and this is also a time to talk about grief with children in a safe, age-appropriate way that will give families tools for conversations in the present and future.




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