Pause. Water. Breathe.

A lot is going on in our lives. I look around and see people who have a sick loved one in the hospital, have more bills than dollars in the bank, who are stressing about the holidays.

Some of us have had a really hard year. God sees us.

Some of us are shielding our eyes from a New Year because we’re afraid we’ll be disappointed. Again. God understands our feelings.

Some of us see things out of our control and just want to fix them. But we can’t. God holds our wringing hands in these moments.

Some of us feel lonely, and our hope deflates. God remains present with us and offers people and situations of comfort and hope to us right now. May we remain open to seeing them.

Even with lots of good going on, we can get overwhelmed. God wraps God’s arms around all of the “too big” parts of our lives and offers us moments of peace and calm.

In your life, I imagine a lot is going on. Same here. And I’m finding a new mantra to use right now. I wonder if you might try it with me over the next several weeks.

Pause. Water. Breathe.

We get so busy, so scattered, so bogged down with all of the things coming at us…that we forget to take care of the holy body right here, the one God so expertly crafted for you and me to use. So we can do three things to get back on track:

Pause. Take a moment to stop whatever it is you’re doing or thinking, and prepare to care for yourself.

Water. Most likely, you have not had enough water today for your physical body. Maybe you’ve forgotten to eat lunch. The Water step is physical or symbolic – what quenches your thirst today, drinking water or reading a Psalm in the Bible? Maybe listen to a song right now that feeds your spirit and nourishes your attitude. (I have “Joy” sung by Whitney Houston, written by Kirk Franklin, on repeat. Instant mood lifter!)

Breathe. The One who breathed Creation into existence fills our own lungs with air. When you inhale deeply, about 100 wonderful things happen to your body’s systems (ask any yogi), and you also have a moment to be with your God. The same God who created snowy mountains, roaring oceans, simple moments with hot cocoa and candlelight. Take this moment and breathe deeply several times. And a breath prayer: (Inhale: God who breathed us into existence,) (Exhale: May I remain present with you today.) — Repeat this a couple of times, until you feel your heartrate settle and your body relax some.

May we Pause. Water. Breathe. and experience the deep love of Christ bubbling up from within. Merry Christmas! You are loved beyond measure.

It has been a special joy to be back in person for this full year, and I thank each and every person for the community we have created together. Thanks be to God!


Coming Up:

ALLLLL of the animals visit Jesus in the manger. Love this photo from 2021. = )

Christmas Eve Worship (this Saturday!)

December 24 at 5:30 pm in the Sanctuary. There will be carols, lessons and a whole lot of meaningful moments as we welcome the Christ Child. Join us! This is an all ages service, so kid- and adult-friendly.

Christmas is on a Sunday!

Since you’re getting up early anyway, why not come to Worship at 10:15 am and gather together to celebrate the newborn King? We might even have a few cookies and cups of cocoa, too! (No Kids/Youth BFGs today.)

New Year’s Day is on a Sunday, too!

Join us in the Sanctuary at 10:15 am for Worship. (No Kids/Youth BFGs today.)

Mission Trip 2023 – Hot Springs!

This summer’s mission trip will be in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and it is an ALL AGES trip! Find out more about it on the Information/Registration Form, here:

Mission Trip 2023 Information Form

Be sure to pick up 1-2 Blessing Bags from the Galleria Hallway!

Please safely share these with people you see on street corners, or with anyone who might need some essentials for their day. Thank you!

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