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Holmeswood Graduates Form

Please fill out this form if you/your family member is a Recent or an Upcoming Graduate (graduating during years 2020–2022). Congrats on this accomplishment! Please consider attending Worship on May 15 (Graduate Sunday); we will have a small reception following Worship in the Gathering Space as a way to celebrate you. Family/friends are welcome to celebrate with you.
If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Laurel Cluthe at Laurel . cluthe @ or (816) 942-1729. Thank you!

Latest Posts

August Prep

Can you believe it is August 1!? The summer days are long but the weeks and months seem to have flown by! And with a few weeks until schools start back up, this is a PERFECT TIME to prepare for what is to come. (And, yes, you can prepare for the busy-ness of school and […]

Bearing Witness and Finding Healing

Bearing Witness and Finding Healing One of my favorite parts of serving as a pastor is the collaborative nature of the work – just as God created space for all of us to work with God, we also have many opportunities as people to work together. The same holds true among clergy, as I have […]

Make the Hope Happen

Congratulations on making it alllllll the way to Summer 2022! What a year it has been, full of changes and growing, unexpected moments and the culmination of years of planning. We have experienced changes in our communities and homes, in our country and in God’s global world. Throughout it all, we see the movement of […]

Yesterday’s Tragedy

Yesterday, plain and simple, was awful. Another incident of gun violence, this time a student targeting other students and teachers. Part of our responsibility as the church is to offer partnership with families through all of the ups and downs of life. The irony does not go unnoticed that we are going to celebrate FIVE […]


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