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Holmeswood Graduates Form

Please fill out this form if you/your family member is a Recent or an Upcoming Graduate (graduating during years 2020–2022). Congrats on this accomplishment! Please consider attending Worship on May 15 (Graduate Sunday); we will have a small reception following Worship in the Gathering Space as a way to celebrate you. Family/friends are welcome to celebrate with you.
If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Laurel Cluthe at Laurel . cluthe @ or (816) 942-1729. Thank you!

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Advent: 13+ opportunities

Advent is made for Anytime Hello! Perhaps my favorite part of this season of anticipation is how ACCESSIBLE it is for everyone. The lights are all around! You can find a devotional online or pick one up at church, you can see the lights shining in neighbors’ yards or homes, and you can even experience […]

Advent in a Day

Can we do all of Advent in a day? My favorite songwriter, Ellis Paul, wrote a tune about seeing Paris in only a day…and how scandalous that is for all of the French historical figures looking at two silly Americans cramming so much in 24 hours. In the following video from Sparkhouse, this kid- and […]

Where the World Ends

No, this is not an “end of days” blog post. We are too tired for all of that heavy. Perhaps you and I need a beautiful reminder of the importance of a table. Last year, we talked about the complicated history and tradition that the US has with Thanksgiving. This year, I leave you with […]

Before the Turkey, Tree and Nativity

Before we buy the Turkey, trim the Tree and pull out the Nativity, let’s talk about something important: Family Rituals. Do you have a family ritual that you cherish? It can be difficult to think of ones on the spot, but it is one of my favorite questions to ask older kids and teens. Why? […]


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