NYC 2022

New York City Youth and Young Adult Mission Trip – July 16-23, 2022

How New York City Got Its Nickname 'The Big Apple'

Updates (7/9/22)

Saturday Flight Details:

  • Saturday, July 16: Meet at MCI Airport – inside door for American Airlines Departures/Ticketing Counter BY 5:15 am!! (Families dropping off, please stay for a few minutes as we gather and have a group prayer together.)
    • Departing Flight (MCI to LGA-La Guardia Airport) American Airlines AA Flight # 4594. Departs at 7:45 am and arrives in NYC at 11:40 am. Three hour nonstop flight (we gain an hour because NYC is in Eastern time zone).
    • Yes, this is earrrrly BUT we need to make sure everyone in our group is together and ready to go before we go through the airline’s ticketing line and also through airport security.
    • See Sunday’s meeting guide on packing and airport details!
  • Saturday, July 23 – returning to Kansas City. Parents/Pick up people: Please meet us at Baggage Claim. Thank you!
    • Return Flight: Southwest Flight SW # 1057 Nonstop on Saturday, July 23. Departs LGA 1:40 pm and arrives in MCI at 3:40 pm (Central Time). 

Other Resources:

Update 6/16 & 6/12:

We leave for New York in 30 days!! 2 things to do ASAP:
1) We will use WhatsApp, a group chat system starting today through July 23. Please download the app and join our Holmeswood Mission Team Group:
This is where you can ask questions, post ideas, find resources or just talk to each other. Please check it often! Also, our page has information to check often.

2) We have some forms to fill out for Metro (our NYC organization): please fill the Volunteer Form out ASAP! Meagan Smith (our Metro contact) will then email each of us individually a link for a background check. Everyone must complete the Volunteer Form and the Background Check! Form is here:

Sunday’s message:

Thank you for a good meeting, team!
Things are coming together, as we finalized Day 1. Audrey is typing up the notes, and we will send them out to you in a few days.

We also added/changed some team meetings, to make sure we are fully prepared and comfortable with the activities, songs, games, and plan:

–Wednesday, June 22 from 6-8 pm (cancelled the June 29 meeting)
–Sunday, July 10 from 11:30-1:30 (same as before)
–Wednesday, July 13 from 7-9 pm (new addition)

I’ll also put this information on the team webpage:

-Balances: I’ll send out individual emails with your payment balances. Please let me know if you have questions.

Update 5/16/22:

Hello, NYC Mission Team.

Your school year is wrapping up, some of you are graduating (woohoo!), and life is busy; thanks be to God for this wild life! Four quick reminders:

  1. Meet: We meet THIS SUNDAY, MAY 22 from 11:30–1:30 for our Mission Trip Meeting #3. This is MANDATORY – no exceptions! ​​​​​​​
  2. Feedback: I have only heard from 2 out of 17 people about our Curriculum Feedback (not great, so I’m resending); please EMAIL ME (Laurel . cluthe  @ or TEXT your ideas based on the curriculum for Week 3 (I’m adding our last email, below with details on what you need to turn in).
  3. May Payments are due. Please contact me if you are not sure of your monthly amount due. 
  4. Calendar: Come to this Sunday’s meeting with your Summer Calendar! We will need to schedule at least one more team meeting, plus our second fundraiser. Please bring the dates you are already busy/scheduled, so we can work around it! 

We really need FULL Participation for this trip, so please be sure and check these emails and respond accordingly, okay? Otherwise, we will have to have lots more meetings before our trip, and you deserve a fun summer without too many meetings! As a reminder, most of your questions can be answered by looking at our team webpage:


Update 4/27/22:

Hi, Mission Team!

We finally have our Camp Curriculum; this will be used to guide our planning for camp. Look over this BEFORE our next meeting on May 22 and figure out 1-2 activities that you are interested in leading (with a partner). I will have printed copies of the activities suggested in the curriculum for you to refer to. Happy reading and exploring! Think creatively of how these activities or themes could work with the campers, and come up with 1-2 ideas that go along with our week’s theme: Week 3 – My Community Is Wonderful; this could be a game, activity, science experiment, craft, or anything you imagine. Send your 1-2 ideas to me by May 10!!

The curriulum is here:

I will have printed copies of the activities suggested in the curriculum for you to refer to. Read through the curriculum enough times before our May 22 meeting that you are really familiar with it. Think creatively of how these activities or themes could work with the campers.

Happy reading and exploring!



Update 4/11/22:

NYC Activities – fill out this form by April 11 with your preferences for our activities 


April Pancake Mix Fundraiser

  1. During the month of April, we are selling Sunflower Fundraising products: Chris Cakes Pancake Mixes (2 pound bags for $10 each) and Breakfast Boxes (an assortment of breakfast items including pancake mix, all by local businesses for $30 each). EVERY Mission Trip Participant is a part of selling these items, and the proceeds will go toward our mission trip expenses.
    1. Flyer and Order Form for Fundraiser (at Bottom of this page)
    2. Sign up for April Pancake Mix Fundraiser:
    • Sunday, April 10- great job, team! You sold over $600!
    • Main entrance 8:45 to 9:00 am Soleil & Caden
    • Sanctuary Narthex After Worship    AJ & Jesse
    • Outside During Brunch   Soleil & Allison
    • Sunday, April 17
    • Main entrance 8:45 to 9:00 am Kirsten Kayla
    • Sanctuary Narthex 10:00-10:15 am Kirsten Kayla
    • Sanctuary Narthex After Worship    Sarah   &  ______________
    • Sunday, April 24
    • Main entrance8:45 to 9:00 am Caden Jesse
    • Sanctuary Narthex10:00-10:15 am ___________ ___________
    • Sanctuary NarthexAfter Worship   ___________ ______________


Update 3/13:

  • We met (Meeting #1) and started learning about RMM (Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries) and Metro Baptist Church.
  • We agreed to check our email once a week AND check this page ( for all updates.
  • Mission Team Members
    1. Kirsten Crummey
    2. Allison Hager
    3. Audrey Hartwell
    4. Vanessa Hertenstein
    5. Keila Higginbotham
    6. Soleil Higginbotham
    7. Jesse Johnson
    8. Caden Johnson
    9. Kayla Lessenden
    10. Kaitlin Lyman
    11. AJ Roark
    12. Sarah Roark
    13. Grace Smedley
    14. Kassidy Toomay
    15. John Ussery
    16. Alex Wilcoxon
    17. Laurel Cluthe

NYC 2022 Info and Registration Form

Completed Registration Form and $50 Deposit due by March 11, 2022!!


Required Mission Team Meetings:

Meetings #1-#4 will be Hybrid (you can attend in-person at Holmeswood in the Youth Room with a free pizza lunch offered OR participate online on Zoom:

Meeting #5 will be IN PERSON for EVERYONE. We encourage you to attend as many meetings in person as you are able, and parents/guardians are welcome to come to the last meeting. Please encourage your students to participate in everything, as we prepare for our trip.

Meeting ID: 842 2958 2897    Passcode: NYC

  • March 13 – Meeting #1, 11:30am-1:30pm
  • April 3 – Meeting #2, 11:30-1:30
  • May 22 – Meeting #3, 11:30-1:30
  • June 12 – Meeting #4, 11:30-1:30
  • July 10 – Meeting #5, 11:30-1:30

How to make payments and pay your deposit:

Your deposit/payments can be paid online ( — Click on “Make a donation/e-giving,” then on the “Fund” dropdown menu, select “Current Missions Project” and fill out the quick form), by check (to Holmeswood Baptist Church) or by cash (in-person only).

  • Deposit is due with Registration Form
  • Subsequent Payments are due the 1st of every month (April, May, June, July) until completion. Thanks!

2022 Team Meetings

  • ALL Mission Team members need to attend so we can prepare for NYC and our partnership with Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries. We need you! Thanks.
  • Team Meeting #1 (March 13)
    • To Do for everyone:
      • Please read pages 21-26 in your Camp Notebook. If you have time, look over other parts of the book. (
      • ALSO, Read the article on pages 52-56: “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” that we will discuss together in small groups in our April 3 meeting
      • Check your email and this page each week.
      • Participants 18+: Prayerfully consider being one of the four people that could run the Brooklyn camp.
      • Next Meeting: April 3 from 11:30-1:00
    • What we did in the meeting:
      • We met (Meeting #1) and started learning about RMM (Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries) and Metro Baptist Church.
      • We agreed to check our email once a week AND check this page ( for all updates.
  • Team Meeting #2 (April 3)
  • Team Meeting #3 (May 22)
  • Team Meeting #4 (June 12)
  • Team Meeting #5 (July 10)