Rise Up

Are there moments when you need to RISE UP?

  • When life is hard/complicated/confusing and you choose to *look up*, connect with a person and ask for help?
  • When you’re focused on your own life and *heads up* you look around to find ways to make someone else’s day great?
  • When you *brave up* and *stand up* for someone who is being bullied?
  • When you *speak up* and show God’s love through your words?

I just love Andra Day’s song “Rise Up.” Here are a few of the lyrics…

And I’ll rise up
I’ll rise like the day
I’ll rise up
I’ll rise unafraid
I’ll rise up
And I’ll do it a thousand times again
For you                  

And now some Bible lyrics…

Related image
Lift your eyes up. -Psalm 121:1-2
Related image
Speak up. -Ephesians 4:15

What is found throughout these 3 messages?

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We find our HOPE in Christ Jesus, the giver of life. It can be really difficult to reach for hope sometimes, especially when we are struggling. Through God’s love (all of Creation, other people who have your back, yourself) we find hope each day. It is our job to LOOK FOR THE HOPE. Stand up for justice and what is right. Seek out ways to be kind. Don’t get discouraged by the bad stuff. CHOOSE HOPE.

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Challenge: Find some ways to RISE UP this week. Do it! Reflect on how you feel afterwards.


Sunday, September 17:

  • New BFG Kids Classes! And, this weekend, get ready for the kids & youth to RISE UP and go to *new BFG classes!* Exciting changes are happening starting this Sunday, and we’re so thankful for the adults who are ready to learn and guide alongside our amazing kids and youth. (More details in 9:00 am Worship–see table in Sanctuary lobby/narthex.)
    • Adults (parents and non-parents), email Laurel.cluthe @ holmeswood.org if you’re interested in helping out a few Sundays a year.
  • *New Kids Bulletins* 
    • Kids, grab one each Sunday and learn even more during Worship! These are just for you.  = ) Crayons/markers/pencils in the white Worship bags in the Sanctuary lobby/narthex.
  • New Youth [non-Sunday AM] Events!

Mark Your Calendars:  Image result for children's sabbath 2017

  • Sunday, October 22 – Children’s Sabbath, a Sunday where kids lead in Worship
     and adults respond to God’s Call to advocate for children around the world. Email Laurel . cluthe @ holmeswood.org if your child/youth would like a speaking part! Mr. Allen will be teaching a song to the kids in BFG in October to sing in Worship this day! For more info on Children’s Sabbath (started by the Children’s Defense Fund), find info here. This year’s theme is “Moving Forward With Hope: Love and Justice for Every Child.”
  • Faith & Funsss: Wednesdays from 5:30-7:30 pm (Free, dinner provided; for school-aged kids & youth)
    • Oct 4–Theme: Unity–loving my neighbors as myself
    • Nov 4–Night of Thanks!
    • Dec 6–Wisdom & Giving
    • Jan 3–Church campus Scavenger Hunt & Overview of the Bible 
    • Feb 7–Valentine’s Day, Shrove Tuesday, and Lent, oh my!
    • Mar 7–Poetry and Rap Session
    • Apr 4–Surprise!
    • May 2–Wrap-up of Year, Pizza Party

Let’s Rise Up and share Hope and Love to each person we see this week. See you Sunday!


Does God love me? How?

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Does God Love Me? How??

That’s our topic tonight at 

Faith & Fun!

Kids and Youth, join us for two hours of food, fun and faith activities! We’re eating hot dogs, making masks and there might even be a little shaving cream and goldfish crackers, too!

5:30-7:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall.

Parents, you’re welcome to stick around to join in the fun, or you can attend this Fall’s first CONNECTIONS book study on “Trouble the Water” tonight at 6:30 pm.

Hope to see you soon!!

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Spoiler alert: YES, God loves you! Come find out how tonight!

What’s so special about the eclipse?

Image from NASAEclipse 2017 Emblem

Okay, so you’ve heard all about it—the moon is covering up the sun, special glasses are out at every store, and some of you might even be pausing school/work to see this sight.

So, what’s the big deal???

  1. If you’re into science, you’re all nerdy-excited for this rare occurrence. And living in Kansas City, in the path of the awesome, it’s doubly good.
  2. If you’re all about RARE or special things (holidays, events, phenomena), you’re stoked because this is a big one!
  3. And if neither of those impress you, how about this one…

It glorifies God.

What, an eclipse glorifies God? Have you lost it??

Yes, the Solar Eclipse 2017 glorifies God. (And maybe I’ve lost it, ha.) Think about it, millions of people watching and waiting for a scientific marvel that can’t be controlled by humans or gadgets or the latest technology (no matter how brilliant we humans think we are).

This Eclipse is happening, whether we want it to or not. The animals are about to get confused and think it’s evening and all kinds of interesting things happen.

And it brings (God’s) people together.

Around one big event.

That causes millions to look up at the sky to experience.

And most want in on the action.

Do you think there are times in the Bible like today?

Were there shepherds and wise kings trying to track down this special baby King Jesus?

Were there crowds that gathered around the Sea of Galilee to hear this wise teacher’s voice that radically changed people’s views of life?

Perhaps…no matter your reason, it’s pretty exciting to think that we can be united around one exciting thing that God sorta invented. Pretty fun.


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Coming Up:

August 27: Sunday morning Worship at 9:00am (Sanctuary); BFG (Bible Fellowship Groups) from 10:15-11:15 (See ushers/pastors to find out where your BFG is)

YOUTH (7-12 grades) & PARENTS: Could we schedule a monthly Youth Group Night? Vote for your favorite option here: https://doodle.com/poll/tepxraprmhk7yih4   (Note: the Sunday days are lunch after church; others are for various activities. The Dec 29/30/31 is a lock-in option.)

Happy Eclipse Day!


Getting Schooled

Hi, HBC Kids, Youth & Families!

Welcome to Holmeswood Baptist Church’s new Family Ministry blog. It’s our online home of all things related to kids, teens and their families. We hope you FOLLOW this blog (button on the right), so you’ll get once a week emails about all of the happenings. So…let’s go!

Ever been schooled? 2 Definitions:

Image result for getting schooled


Schooled #1having received specific instruction; instructed, taught, tutored. 

Image result for schooled basketball


Schooled #2learning a lesson the hard way; when Steph Curry is defeated in a Spin Basketball contest by a Harlem Globetrotter. (Steph lost!)

It’s okay to be schooled by others sometimes (definition #2). We don’t always have to be the winners! When someone is better at _____ (sports, school, playing an instrument, making friends, etc.) than us, it’s a way we can challenge ourselves to practice, study up, and do better next time. We can congratulate that person and cheer them on. Paul says this in the Bible: “Encourage one another and build each other up.” (1st Thessalonians 5:11). So getting schooled isn’t all bad, right? Paul’s lesson to us is to be a team, and it’s something both kids and adults need to learn.

Image result for 3 goalsAnd the other definition of being SCHOOLED (#1)…since many of you have started or will start school this week, think of 3 things you’d like to accomplish this year…maybe it’s a new skill or a new language. Write these down and post them somewhere you’ll see them each day. (Or add them to this blog post on the church Facebook page!) My goals this school year:

  1. Make lots of friends at church and in Kansas City 
  2. Learn Spanish
  3. Learn to moonwalk and juggle (maybe at the same time?)

What are your 3 goals???

Image result for events this weekWhat’s happening around church this week?

August 15th-Graduate Send-off. 7:00pm, location TBA. A time for 7th-12th graders to celebrate as our newest high school grads go off and experience God in a new life chapter. (Check with Doug or Greg for details.)

16th-All-church Business Meeting. Dinner at 5:30, Meeting from 6:30-7:30. Come learn about the happenings at our church, helping make decisions about our today and tomorrow.

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20th-Sunday morning Worship at 9:00am (Sanctuary) + Children’s Message; BFG (Bible Fellowship Groups) from 10:15-11:15 (See ushers/pastors to find out where your BFG is)

***Kids, during Worship, please come up to the front steps when I call kids up for the “Children’s Message.” It’ll be a fun chat together!

May God give you HOPE and PEACE as we all learn and “get schooled” each day. Lessons help us to love others and live better. And remember…you are loved. Hope to see you soon!


Snow cones and Water games

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Family Night!

Wednesday, August 9

6:30–8:00 pm

(come at 6:00 if you want to help set up games)

Free snow cones and water games on the “Holmeswood Island,” the grassy space in the church parking lot.Image result for water games

(If it rains, we’ll have games in the gym.)

ALL AGES WELCOME! Bring a friend or neighbor, too!

Getting wet is optional. Having fun is not. 🙂 

Image result for scripture about having fun

Hope to see you there!


Laurel Cluthe, Pastor of Families

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9700 Holmes Rd.

Kansas City, MO 64131

(816) 942-1729




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