4. Can I be a Christian and not go to church?

Disclaimer: For the next 8 weeks (Weeks of April 11–May 27), I’m going to throw out a tough faith question. We will unpack it a bit, and I hope we can all *simmer* on it throughout the week and find moments to talk with God, ourselves and each other about the topic. Special thanks to Sparkhouse’s reform curriculum for guidance. Ready? Go!

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Can I be a Christian and not go to church?

5 Fast Facts:

  • The Bible is Instagram!? EVERY book of the Bible was written to a COMMUNITY of people. The Old Testament was written to the people of Israel, and the New Testament was to the early church. Instead of a book you read alone in your bedroom, the Bible passages are like an Instagram or Facebook post that everyone sees, thinks about, and discusses/comments on.
  • Alone on an Island: Imagine if you were dropped off on a deserted island for two years, all alone. What would you miss? Who would you miss? Why do we as humans physically and mentally/emotionally NEED people? (See Dr. Lieberman’s research on needing human interaction as much as we need food and water.)
  • A couple of “I’s” in Communities: Which communities are you a part of (work, school, church, sports teams, theater, band, clubs)? How do you benefit from a community? How do you contribute to your different communities?
  • Read Acts 2:43-47: Acts is (just like ALL of the Bible’s books) written by people for a community of people–a church! Read this Scripture and compare it to our own church community. Does it really make a difference if you aren’t at church on Sunday? Who is affected by your absense? Which part of the “body” are you at our church? If you’re a foot, will our church limp along without you there?
  • Inside and Outside of Church: What do you like and dislike about our church? Image result for the local church and the universal churchWhat does God really like or dislike about our church? Is it good to have differences of opinion and views in our same church? How does that make us more faithful, kind, enlightened people? Can we be “the church” outside of our brick church building?

Well, you must make your own decision if you can be a Christian and not go to church. Thankfully, we have the Bible as a guide on what to do (& the Bible itself was written to groups, not individuals). It’s pretty clear that Jesus surrounded himself with people all of the time–all sorts of people–and he went to the temple every week on the Sabbath. Jesus recognized that even he (God’s Son!) needed a community of other humans that were trying to figure out life and God and all of the in-between.

Just like water and food, we humans need supportive people to encourage us and to be encouraged by us. Life is SO MUCH more meaningful and fun when you have even just ONE REAL FRIEND to share it with. Go find that friend…and there begins your need for church community.   = )  You’re always welcome to stop by Holmeswood Baptist, too.  And, if you must see a video…https://youtu.be/KlcyB5TMslk


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Happy Monday!


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