Nine Ladies Dancing

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Today, 9 ladies are dancing. All day.

(According to the 12 days of Christmas song, we are on day 9 today, January 2nd!)

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Happy New Year!

2019 will be a great year, I just know it. And the fun part of early January is that we get to enjoy the rest of Christmas!! I’ve got 3 quick things for you today:

  • Because we are in the 12 days of Christmas right now, truly enjoy the wonder and fun of this season. Go outside in the evening and see the stars in the sky, and think about the shepherds and wise kings who followed stars to find holy Jesus. 
  • We are getting ready for Epiphany (on January 6, a Sunday this year!), when we Image result for epiphanywill recognize the kings/wise men who traveled to Egypt to visit King Jesus. It is a powerful event to remember that Jesus was fully human and is fully God. Wow!
  • THIS SUNDAY IN WORSHIP: you will be given an Epiphany star! On it will be a special word just for you. Put your star in a place you will see it each day of 2019, and use this word (and the symbol of the star) as a guiding light for you this year. When you look at the star Image result for matthew 2 10-12each day, remember that Jesus is with you each day and guides our lives daily. You are so loved. (We will also refer to Matthew 2:10-12.)

I’m so excited for this Sunday’s activity. Hope you can join in!

Have a great day today and a happy tomorrow (where 10 lords will leap!).Image result for 12 days of christmas 10 lords a leaping




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