The Ultimate Pie

**Reminder: This Saturday, October 12, is our own Fall Festival from 11am-2pm. Sign up to volunteer (call church or sign up in Galleria) and/or bring your family, friends and neighbors for a lot of fun!


What is The Ultimate Pie?

I LOVE pie. Pizza pie, dessert pie, savory pie, breakfast pie like quiche. Anything round and cut in slices is just too fun, and it’s automatically shareable with friends and family. It’s pretty great. But let me tell you about THE ULTIMATE PIE.

The Church Calendar AKA Liturgical Calendar

This wheel is the Church Calendar, also called The Liturgical Calendar.

Christians all over the world use this Ultimate Pie as a way to center their life around Christ. They look at this Church wheel, or pie, as a way to see God’s faithfulness and constant presence in their life through moving seasons, life changes and all sorts of extraordinary and even mundane events that happen in all of our lives. It’s a beautiful circle because life is cyclical, and God’s faithful love for us never ends. (It’s like a gooey, delicious extra cheese pizza that never runs out of slices! Yessss.) Communities of Christians (churches) around the world use this Church Year calendar to guide the Scripture (Bible verses) they study, the themes they emphasize and to ensure that we all see the hope and wonder that is Jesus, in his life and ministry and in our lives and ministry also.

For the next few weeks, I’m going to highlight one part of this “Ultimate Pie.”

If you’d like to read this while eating your favorite kind of pie (pizza counts!), I welcome that, too. Let’s learn more about this amazing tool we have for shining Christ’s light in all of the dark places, illuminating God’s wisdom and faithfulness present every single day.

Here a couple of highlights for your week:Fall-festival-graphic-

  • Holmeswood’s Fall Festival on Saturday, Oct. 12 from 11am-2pm
    • Games, food, donut machine, oh my! This year’s fall fest will be so much fun…invite your crew for a whole slew of fun!
  • Youth Night Saturday, Oct. 12 at a Corn Maze!
    • 6-10pm, RSVP ASAP to me [Laurel], $10 includes maze + foodchildrens_sabbath_logo_web
  • Children’s Sabbath – Sunday, Nov. 10Kids will lead Worship! Be sure to attend Kids BFG Oct 20 & 27 to sign up for parts and to write our prayers and practice them. This will be an awesome Sunday!
HBC Family Calendar - October 2019 jpeg
HBC Family Calendar – October 2019 – Download the PDF








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