Making Room for God

Remember last week when I talked about Lent, a time for setting aside distractions/time-takers to focus on drawing nearer to God?

Well, I found one way to make room for God…literally making more room (space) in my home for time with God!

40 Bags in 40 Days

Thanks to this awesome idea, we can declutter and make room for time with God during the 40 days of Lent. (Also, we make space for new ideas and dreaming, opportunities for quality family and friend time and a safe, comfort space at home. Stay tuned for next week…comfort is the theme!)

Yes, it’s a little surprising that a person could have 40 (FORTY) extra bags of items in their home/office/vehicle that they no longer need…but, hey, Marie Kondo has taught us a lot about sparking joy in our spaces. And when we have space for God, we have space for sharing in the deep joy that God gifts us in life, time and trust-building togetherness. Even if I only gather 5 bags, that is 5 bags of space that I’m creating with God. Join me in this fun (optional) challenge!

What is weighing you down? What do you need to clear out to make room for drawing near to God? I love the “throw off everything that hinders” part. What a relief!

God made all of Creation in Genesis 1 & 2 for sharing with all of us; surely we can make more room for God in our lives. You’ve got this!

Coming Up:

23—Toddler Camp!, 10:00-11:00am for 1 1/2—6 years old; active games and Bible story connections; all are welcome!

30—Kids’ choir rehearsal for Good Shepherd, 10:00—11:00am;

     —Kids & Youth BAKING PARTY (bake cookies for Sunday Coffee Time), 11:am—1:30pm (pizza lunch)

31—Kids & Youth & Their Parents SERVE Coffee & Cookies to the church (mission project)! Setup, 8:15—8:45 am; Clean up, 10:30—11:00 am. (All kids singing will go to rehearse at 8:15am.)

You are God’s beloved, worth the time and effort that God gives you every moment. Make room for God, you wonderful you. = )


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