Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Hi, Friends!

Wow, this has been a wild week. Last night, we sent out an all-church email with Holmeswood’s plan to keep Coronavirus out of our community (see below). Instead of increasing anxiety in an already stressful climate, our role as a church is to help your family have a plan, not a panic. Not sure how to talk to your kids and teens about Coronavirus? Check out UNICEF’s helpful quick guide.

We’d appreciate your help ensuring the health and safety of everyone. In saying that, you might have some extra time at home in the upcoming days and weeks. If you’re tired of cleaning and doing other chores, here are a few ideas to connect as a family and have some fun, too:

Faith & Fun Activities at Home – The Coronovirus Stay-cation

Image result for staycation
  • Make a Family Prayer Jar, an easy way to remember to talk to God about our feelings and stuff happening in our family’s life.
  • Learn “Christo Me Ama” (Jesus Loves Me in Spanish); one verse of this is the perfect length to sing while washing your hands with soap and warm water!
  • Toddlers/Preschoolers: Learn some Bible verses together using these fun robot cards.
  • Kids/Youth: Learn the books of the Bible using Legos.
  • Youth/College: Learn more about SSP and San Diego for our upcoming Mission Trip meeting! (April 5)
  • How about some Bible games? Or just a fun obstacle course around the house?
  • And, on a rainy day or sleepy night at home, there are some great films and TV shows on Netflix that talk about faith and the Bible. There are options for all ages. Here are a few notables for littles:

As we stay alert and prepared, know that God the Creator of the Universe is present with you (see this week’s Let It Rain post to read more). Share your thoughts, feelings and ventings with God. You are loved.


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