If Monday was our Weekend

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Happy Monday! Some say Monday is the best day of the week. Do you agree???

For many of us, Mondays are full of yawns and rushing around. We HAD a weekend to relax BUT, instead of napping and cleaning the house, we spent the weekend doing all of the things we couldn’t do during the week. Does that sound like you?

It is really easy for us to spend the school/workweek (Monday through Friday or so) focusing on our school and our work responsibilities, pouring all of our energy into To Do Lists and the things that must get done.

What if we treated Monday like the weekend?

{Please hear me out before you grumble.} What is we carried our weekend on into Monday, the time when we felt relaxed, the time we connected with our family and friends? What if we took a little time (even 10 minutes) to stretch, take deep breaths and spend quiet time in nature with God? What if we saved a little Monday energy for time in the evening to do something we really enjoy, like playing with Legos or a nature walk or baking cookies? Now THAT is a good use of a Monday.

When I do something relaxing and enjoyable on a Monday, it sets me up to have a great week. It makes me think ahead a little bit (like making my lunches ahead or laying out this week’s outfits), and it gives my mind and heart space to be available for God and for others. Who knew treating Monday like a weekend could set me up for a good week?? Maybe you should try it (or share another idea that sets your week up for success).

Note about this verse: You should probably get up early, so you’re not late for school. HOWEVER, let’s remember to spend our time on the most important things and not overwork ourselves. God loves to give us rest!

Jesus loves rest, not stress

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It is SO EASY to thrive on busy schedules and lots of stress…when we are busy, we feel needed and important. The more things we are involved in, the more relevant we feel, but it leaves us exhausted. That smart holy guy, Jesus, offered the opposite in his life example; He prioritized time of rest (hello, naps! Mark 6:30-31) and prayer (40 days straight…what an overachiever; John 17, Luke 23, Matthew 11). He set aside time to be still and to be present with our Maker.

How does this connect to my first week of school?

Let us be mindful of how we go into this new school year. We have not had a “normal” 2021, so we might not be as sharp at communicating as we were before masks were worn–Am I really listening to the other person? Am I being kind with my words and the tone of my voice? How can I be respectful to my classmates and teachers? This takes work (especially for adults!), yet Jesus modeled respect in the Bible, and we can do the same at school, work and even in our homes (I’m looking at you, siblings). Let’s be aware of our priorities (the most important things) and the things that can wait a bit.

And let’s use the balance of a GOOD MONDAY as the start of a great week. We are here to learn, to grow and to share kindness and God’s love with others in creative ways. Let’s do that this year, and I hope it is the best year yet for you!!

Pray: God, thanks for a fresh start at school. Help me to let go of the things I can’t control (like other people’s actions) and to spend energy on the things I can control (like being kind to everyone, speaking up and learning). When I have a bad day, help me to remember that you love me and that I’m valuable. When I have a great day, help me to remember that you still love me and celebrate with me. Show me how to love others and to love myself, too. Amen.


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September Mission Project: Collecting Socks & Underwear for Center (new, all sizes needed for males and females). Drop off in the tall basket in the Galleria (main entrance).

9/5  Kids & Youth BFGs in person!

  • 9:00 am Worship in Sanctuary – Communion Sunday
  • 10:15 am Kids BFG in Grey Kids Hallway; Jan McMein and Jeanine Williamson, leading
  • 10:15 am Youth BFG in Youth Room (Activities Bldg); John Ussery and Laurel Cluthe, leading


  • 9:00 am Worship in Sanctuary – Communion Sunday
  • 10:15 am Kids BFG in Grey Kids Hallway; Jan McMein and Jeanine Williamson, leading
  • 10:15 am Youth BFG in Youth Room (Activities Bldg); John Ussery and Laurel Cluthe, leading

9/18 Monthly Family Event: Sabbath in theSabbath in the Suburbs — Gainesville First UMC Suburbs

  • 10:00 am–11:30 am Families are invited to discover ways to share Sabbath and faith AT HOME. These practical tips and activities are meaningful, do-able and can be worked into your busy family routine. Join in with your family to see how we can discover God in all sorts of ways! There will be a few take-home tools to use for years to come. Please RSVP to Laurel Cluthe by September 15. Guests are welcome.

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